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We focus outwardly on education to leave our clients better than we got them.

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Bryan Higgins

Bryan Higgins

Sales Catalyst & Founder

Bryan Higgins is Founder and CEO of Sales Matter, LLC. Bryan is your Sales Catalyst Guy, helping you take selling action in your business. Bryan is a skilled sales leader with 19+ years of sales experience with a background in Sales and Operations with over 10 years in a leadership capacity.

At Sales Matter, Higgins specializes in developing Sales and Operational Leaders to take action that drives results, Training, and Front Line Performance Advancement. He’s facilitated sales projects with a wide variety of challenges and targets including:
– Leadership Development and Coaching
– Sales Process Improvement and Execution
– Sales Training and Assessment
– Interviewing, Onboarding, and Milestone Design
– Channel Re-Organization and Territory Alignment

Discovered by Sales Professionals for Sales Professionals…

We are dedicated to helping B2B Salespeople and Teams enhance their skillset and provide resources for personal and professional growth. We bring best in class sales skills, development, training, coaching, and business projects, to stimulate your organizational sales growth.

We collaborate with clients and companies to find the best business solution no matter how different ideas, skills, or employees might be. By co-creating, we get better plans and strategies that match your teams, your leaders, and even your customers. We do this while consistently providing highly customizable consulting and training solutions, which enhance the strengths of your sales team and business objectives.

Using expert business professionals, we give you the tools and skills necessary to positively impacting your financial future. When you need to maintain business flexibility in order to adjust to ever-changing markets and trends, we give you the power to harness new opportunities and exceed your own potential

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